Learn Singing from Multi Award Winning Blues & Soul act John McNamara. 

John has been a succesful touring and recording artist for many years and more recently studied voice to dramatically improve his range and tone. John is now helping singers from beginner to advanced to do the same.

Increase your range & improve your tone with a straight forward approach. Find your Mix Voice and sing over the break with power and ressonance.

Learn to sing more soulfully, by training the ear and voice  to 'dance' between notes and create Riffs & Runs.

Sing the Blues better than ever before by Learning to really Sing 'In The Groove'.

For 1 on 1 Skype Lessons please use the calender below, any questions contact john_mcshred@yahoo.com

30 min lesson $45 Aus  (aprox $33 US)

OR 4 lessons for $140 (Saving $10 per lesson)